Sam Louras

Samantha Louras

Experience Strategy Director

Samantha started her professional career as a photographer, then found her way back to business school for an MBA and an MS in Human Factors in Information Design, both from Bentley University. The harmony of art and business ultimately led her to Mad*Pow, where she finds inspiration in working with a diverse group of brilliant people who transform complex problems into novel strategies.

In a world where service has become a commodity, differentiation is achieved through the experience. Samantha wants to use her passion for service design to improve the way customers interact with the world around them. This enables Samantha to establish targeted value opportunities within the context of the entire experience; ensuring solutions are feasible and attainable from an operational standpoint.

Samantha has an extensive list of clients: Fidelity, UID, ESPN, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Pearson, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Aetna, Covidien, AcademyHealth, Baxter Healthcare, Indiana University Health, LG, State Street Global Advisors, WellPoint, General Electric, Vanguard, L.L. Bean, and Cleveland Clinic, to name a few.

When Samantha isn’t at work, you’ll most likely find her playing ice hockey or planning her next tattoo. Don't believe us? Just look at Samantha's own personal persona and see for yourself!

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